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UVU Grad Student Shows Major Airline How Drones Can Reduce Maintenance Costs

Excerpt from Women and Drones on UVU grad success.

I was flying back from Orlando about 10 years ago and started a conversation with a gentleman next to me. He was an engineer on a military project and discussed how he was planning and designing UAV missions and platforms. I was fascinated. Many years later when […]

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UVU Featured in Rotor Drone Magazine

Source: Rotor Drone Magazine

Unmanned Vehicle University proudly touts itself as the first university to be licensed to grant master’s and doctoral degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering using curriculum delivered totally online, and remains one of very few doctorate-level degrees available in UAS in any form. UVU emphasizes the industry experience of its instructor staff-ranging from military […]

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Drones Take Professional Photography to New Heights

Professional photographer and videographer Joe Polillio sought formal education at Unmanned Vehicle University to enhance his skillset and set himself apart from the competition.

Joe Polillio uses Drones to Bring Aerial Photography to New HeightsMusic videos. Advertising campaigns. Editorial spreads. Professional photographer and videographer Joe Polillio […]

Security Magazine Drone Q&A with Unmanned Vehicle University

Unmanned Vehicle University Featured in Security Magazine

Unmanned Vehicle University and Security Magazine Drone Q&A.

Security speaks with John Minor, Provost at Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU), about the benefits that drones can offer enterprise security.

Download the PDF to read the full story

Education institutes are already adopting drones to transform […]

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Drones Land in Toronto For a Three-Day Drone Fundamentals Seminar Hosted By Unmanned Vehicle University

Attend Unmanned Vehicle University's Drone Fundamentals Seminar

In order to prepare Canadians for the “drone revolution” that’s sweeping the globe, Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU), the world’s first university to offer graduate degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering, is touching down in Toronto to host a three-day Drone Fundamentals seminar […]

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