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Unmanned Vehicle University’s FAA part 107 prep course is modeled exactly after the form of the test itself. We reinforce each topic with a quiz to properly prepare you. After the student has completed the modules, there is a cumulative course exam to bring all the topics together. We have also aggregated all of the necessary FAA documents into the course for convenience.

Get trained by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

In order to fly drones commercially, you must pass the FAA 107 test. Our FAA Part 107 prep course is administered and narrated by Fred Bivetto. Lt. Colonel (Ret) Bivetto is a CFI and is authorized to give training and endorsements required for and relating to the FAA Part 107 test. Read his instructor bio below to see all qualifications.

Lt Col (Ret) Fred Bivetto
Lt Col (Ret) Fred BivettoDean, School of Unmanned Technology
Instructor Bio

FAA Part 107 Prep Course

  • Get trained by a CFI
  • Includes 6 training modules and quizzes
  • Includes cumulative course exam with IACRA remote pilot application

What our students are saying

I wanted to let you know that I thought the session I had with Fred Bivetto yesterday was excellent! I felt as though Fred was extremely prepared and organized. The material presented was thorough and touched on all of the areas needed to pass the sUAS Exam. In addition Fred provided me with a fantastic library of materials, suggestions, and ideas to use when starting my business.

Fred has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in this industry that is invaluable! I look forward to starting and growing an exceptional business in the UA Systems industry under Fred’s tutelage.

Steve Crane, WireCare.com

I am about midway through the Remote Pilot course and wanted to compliment you on the quality of the information. I am taking this course to enable me to operate a drone for my TV station KTVI St. Louis. We have 1 person with a pilots license who has only read the FAA study guide then completed the FAA test. I accompany him as a VO for now. But this other person has not taken a course like yours and I believe he is missing out on the Culture of Drone operation.

For example we currently don’t have a flight log book in use. Your instruction to keep a log with flight times, battery cycles and maintenance records etc. is a necessity. At this time , he also does not check any of the official weather sites or NOTAM (and other ) alerts before a flight. Again, this is something your course has taught as a necessity.

Thanks for your help, Looking forward to rest of course!

Jim Chambers, KTVI St. Louis

What’s included

Our part 107 prep test includes 6 modules that will prepare you with everything you need to pass the FAA part 107 test.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced user of small UAVs, we level the playing field. Our videos and resources will give you everything you need to become a commercial UAV pilot and pass the FAA part 107 test.


In this module you will learn about general FAA regulations, operating rules, waivers, and details of remote pilot certification.


In the airspace module, you will learn about airspace classification, operational requirements, flight restrictions and more.


The weather module teaches about weather sources and the effects of weather on performance. This is critical to ensure safety before flight.

Loading and Performance

This module teaches you how to determine operational performance during loading. Learn about flight aerodynamics, and the load factors of weight and balance.


The operations module teaches you radio communication procedures, airport operations, emergency procedures, maintenance, decision making and much more.

Unmanned Vehicle University FAA Part 107 Prep Test

FAA documents

We provide all of the important and necessary FAA documents directly into our course for convenience.


Prep quizzes are included after each module to ensure you are absorbing and understanding the information.

Cumulative exam

The cumulative course exam will wrap up everything you have learned over the 6 modules and ultimately prepare you for the FAA part 107 test.

IACRA application

We provide the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) application in the course. You’ll need to complete this to get a student pilot certificate.

Certified Flight Instructor training

Our course content is taught and narrated by Fred Bivetto, our Certified Flight Instructor. Lt. Colonel (Ret) Bivetto is a master aviator with over 2,500 flight hours in 30 different aircraft.

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