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Advanced Aerial Cinematography Techniques for Drone Operators

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UVU’s Aerial Cinematography Training course is designed for Drone Operators who have their FAA certificate, looking to advance their skills and technique as it relates to aerial cinematography.

Attendees will learn

How to operate drones for the purpose of aerial photo and video content acquisition.

Attendees will be given

The Skip Fredricks Aerial Cinematography Flight Simulator and two days of onsite flight training with Skip Fredricks.

This course covers

Intermediate to advanced flight techniques and specific flight and camera patterns that are standard for quality content capture using drones.

Meet your instructor! Skip Fredricks is an Emmy nominated aerial cinematographer for his work with drones in the film industry.

Skip Fredricks
Skip FredricksEmmy nominated aerial cinematographer
Instructor Bio

For the past 17 years, Skip Fredricks has produced award-winning broadcast television in the Los Angeles area. Skip Fredricks is a two-time Emmy nominee, and is credited with bringing “extreme sports” to television. During that time, Skip developed a unique style of cinematography that earned him over 40 industry awards.

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Aerial Cinematography Training

  • Training includes the Skip Fredrick Aerial Cinematography Flight Simulator
  • Training includes 2 days of advanced flight instruction with Skip in Southern California

Course Content

The use of drones for creative content capture is one of the most widely adopted, and viable use cases in the commercial drone industry. The techniques learned in this aerial cinematography training course can be used in a wide variety of professional applications. Below is a list of various flight techniques and use cases that can be applied by an operator after going through this course:

Flight Techniques

  • Tracking Flight and Shots

  • Dolly Flight and Shots

  • Pedestal Flight and Shots

  • Reveal Flight and Shots

  • Birds Eye View Shots

Use Cases

  • Real Estate

  • Weddings

  • Live Events

  • Music Videos

  • Commercials, TV Shows, Films

Course Objective

The camera drone, while flying in a 3D space, can recreate all of the moves of the camera crane. Additionally, drones are a tool that can capture shots like orbits, flybys and reveals. The objective of this course is to train students to the level that they are able to layer their drone flying skills onto these camera techniques, in order to achieve advanced flight acquisition of photo and video content.

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If you are not already a FAA certified remote pilot, please ask us about a discount on our FAA exam prep course before enrolling in this course.

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