Attend Unmanned Vehicle University's Drone Fundamentals Seminar

In order to prepare Canadians for the “drone revolution” that’s sweeping the globe, Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU), the world’s first university to offer graduate degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering, is touching down in Toronto to host a three-day Drone Fundamentals seminar that explores the many technologies, uses and applications for drones. The event, hosted by Paul Dragos, Dean of the School of Flight Training at UVU, will take place at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Center from September 19 through 21. Registration for the event is now open here.

“Our three-day Drone Fundamentals seminar is extremely comprehensive and offers interested parties unprecedented insight into the potential of drones,” Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor said today. “This seminar is helpful for anyone who wants to learn about the new wave of opportunities that drones are presenting.”

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