December 6th – 8th | Phoenix, AZ

SHERATON PHOENIX DOWNTOWN HOTEL | 340 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

You will receive a comprehensive introduction to one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world: drones! Our UAV Fundamentals Seminar teaches basic to advanced concepts for those who are learning about drones for the first time, or who want to learn more about how this industry can help them succeed. You will also get to experience hands-on drone flight training with actual UAVs. This live course includes a module analyzing commercial UAV business start-up applications including agriculture, communications, food delivery and much more.

  • Hands-On flight training: One afternoon of the seminar will be dedicated (weather permitting) to allowing the Students to fly actual drones in a local field. This will give you a basic concept of drone flight, capabilities and control.
  • Increase UAV employment opportunities: The UAV industry is just getting started and our Seminars will provide you with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Career opportunities include UAV Pilots, UAV Instructors, Imagery Analysts, Payload Operator and much more!
    A recent economic report indicated that commercial UAVs will generate 70,000 new jobs.
  • Start your own UAV business: There are already hundreds of applications for UAVs with countless more on the horizon. Now is the time to launch your UAV business and lay the foundation for future generations. Our industry experts will help you get started.
  • Improve general UAV knowledge: If you are new to the UAV industry or want to increase your knowledge, our seminars will provide you with the information to take the next step. We will cover topics like starting your own business, uav design, systems and sensors, and a lot more.
  • Led by Industry Experts: Most of the faculty at Unmanned Vehicle University have PhD degrees in engineering and over 500 years of combined UAV experience. What’s more, the university’s UAV pilots have combined experience of more than 60,000 hours in small UAVs.
  • Earn Free UVU Credits Towards a Degree: You will earn 4 credits which you can use towards our Undergraduate or Graduate degree program! A student that completed our seminar presented the certificate with his resume and was hired by Textron as a UAV analyst with a $100,000 salary.