UAV Fundamentals Seminar for Drone Pilot Training in Phoenix

Unmanned Vehicle University, the world’s first university to offer graduate degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering, is returning to its home base of Phoenix, Arizona to host a comprehensive three-day “UAV Fundamentals” seminar. The event, which will provide an extensive overview of the technologies, uses and applications for unmanned aerial vehicles, will be held at UVU’s headquarters at 1 E Washington St Suite 500, Phoenix, AZ from July 17th-July 19th. Event registration is open here.

“This UAV Fundamentals seminar is designed to provide participants with a complete overview of UAV systems and technologies,” Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor said today. “Drones have already revolutionized the way our military conducts field operations. In the next few years, they’re destined to revolutionize the medical, broadcast, and residential markets, just to name a few. This seminar is important to prepare interested parties by teaching them how drones work and how to safely operate them.”

Over the span of three days, participants will learn about every aspect of UAVs, including their use and functionality, design, navigation technology and real world commercial applications.

  • Day one courses include: Welcome and Introductions, Definitions & Concepts, UAV Commercial Applications & Economic Impact, How to Start a UAV Business, UAV Military Operations and Alternative Propulsion System Design Considerations.
  • Day two courses include: Communications & Data Links, UAS Conceptual Design, Improving UAV Reliability, Regulation and DoD Operations, Sense and Avoid Systems and Civil Airspace Integration Efforts.
  • Day three courses include: UAV Alternative Navigation, Human Machine Interface,UAV Weaponization, UAV Autonomous Control, UAV Swarming and Future UAV Designs & Roles.

“This seminar provides the most comprehensive technical short course training that any prospective UAV owner/operator could possibly take,” Minor said. “A drone revolution is sweeping the world, and people need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate them. This course will jump-start their careers in this industry.”

For $1,499, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world. According to Minor, UAVs are predicted to create 70,000 high paying careers over the next several years at salaries that range from $90,000 to more than $200,000. “Our three-day seminar is optimal for people looking to increase their UAV employment opportunities, start their own UAV business, or begin a career as a UAV Pilot,” Minor said.

To register, visit UVU’s website. Participants will earn 4 credits which can be used towards the University’s graduate degree program. Any active duty of the military receives a $100 discount. Please call 602-759-7372 or email to claim your coupon code for online ordering.