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Walt Disney’s First Drone Show

Walt Disney Starbright Holiday Drone Show

Disney’s Starbright Holiday Drone Show features 300 drones that illuminate the night sky in a series of patterns and effects. The drones are accompanied by an original Disney arrangement of classic holiday songs to produce a stunning aerial experience. This is an excellent demonstration on how drones are being used […]

2016-12-14T16:39:32-04:00December 14th, 2016|Drone News, Drone Photography & Videography|

Drones Take Professional Photography to New Heights

Professional photographer and videographer Joe Polillio sought formal education at Unmanned Vehicle University to enhance his skillset and set himself apart from the competition.

Joe Polillio uses Drones to Bring Aerial Photography to New HeightsMusic videos. Advertising campaigns. Editorial spreads. Professional photographer and videographer Joe Polillio […]