Unmanned Construction

constructech_constructionApplications, benefits, and capacities of drones in the construction industry; the opportunities are there today.

UASs (unmanned aerial systems), more commonly known by the general public as drones, are beginning to revolutionize the way we conduct daily business operations in the construction industry. They will someday become as commonplace as manned aircraft, trucks, and automobiles. Drones will be used in hundreds-if not thousands-of construction applications in the United States, and around the planet, under water, and even in space.

I agree with Google’s, www.google.com, Mountain View, Calif., top rated futurist, Thomas Frey of the DaVinci Institute, who says “…as we go down this path, (192 Future Uses for Flying Drones) we’ll also be unleashing millions of new startups that are destined to drive the economy for decades, if not centuries, to come.”

No commercial application has greater potential for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of operations than in the construction market. In fact, drones are already being used around the world to support construction operations. What construction foreman would not want to have a “God’s-eye-view” of his construction site and workers in realtime? With drones, this is not only possible, but possible in a very cost-effective solution: DVS (drone video systems).

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