he drone university.

In my two previous columns, “The Little Drone Revolution” and “The Drone Association — Know Before You Fly,” I discussed our industry’s opportunity with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), followed by an overview of AUVSI, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, an industry focal point for news and regulatory information on unmanned systems.

In this concluding column in the drone series, I’ll explore the educational opportunities for the both the hobbyist and the AV professional who’s interested in honing their UAS skills, and leveraging those skills in the marketplace.

At InfoComm 2015, way down in the Drone Pavilion, I learned about UVU — the Unmanned Vehicle University. I reached out to them after the show, and spoke at length with John Minor, Provost at UVU in Phoenix, Arizona. Now retired from the Air Force, Minor is an expert on airborne remote sensing, with over 25 years of UAV experience in both military and civilian capacities. I asked Minor about the University’s background, and what sets it apart.