UAV Thermal Infrared Operations Certificate Course

The UAV thermal infrared certificate training course covers the many aspects of thermal infrared operations using a sUAS. Thermal infrared cameras open a new dimension to sUAS operations. FAA 14 CFR Part 107 allows the operation of sUAS with thermal cameras and twilight operations with certain restrictions. Night operations are permitted with a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA). This comprehensive, scenario based, hands on flight training program trains personnel to accomplish a variety of thermal infrared data acquisition tasks as safely as practical. Training is with Flir thermal infrared sensors.


There is a minimum of three people per training session. We train individuals to operate alone or with multiple team members. Some operations can be performed safely by an individual person following our techniques. Operating with up to 4 total team members will increase efficiency and improve data collection response times. We run through several scenarios so that you can best make decisions for your customers data collection needs.