UAV Moving Vehicle Operations Certificate

This certificate training course covers the many aspects of Moving Vehicle Operations (MVO) using a sUAS. MVO increases efficiency and timeliness of data transfer while greatly reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety. MVO is a highly effective option over long distances or bad weather. FAA 14 CFR Part 107 allows the operation of sUAS from a moving vehicle with certain restrictions. This comprehensive, scenario based, hands on flight training program trains personnel to become team members to accomplish a variety of sUAS data acquisition tasks to perform at peak performance with the highest safety. Get your personnel out of the elements and into comfortable operating conditions. Operations from the comfort of a climate controlled vehicle with a large viewing screen makes the most sense.


The pilot can keep the aircraft in Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) to increase situational awareness versus BVLOS operations. If there is a mechanical issue or weather issue the team is close at hand to take necessary action. A loss of control link is much less likely, and the communication equipment is far less expensive and complicated. The driver will be trained what, how and when they can act on their additional responsibilities. This is best for operations where the C2 vehicle stops frequently. The C2 vehicle driver only takes on additional responsibilities when the C2 vehicle is parked to maximize safety.


For some operations a 3rd team member will increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve response times. This team member is separate from the C2 vehicle driver and the Remote Pilot In Charge (RPIC). The driver can share certain duties as time allows. This is a good alternative if the driver’s time is limited because the stops are too infrequent to complete the tasks at hand.


This is the fastest and most economical method if the C2 vehicle is constantly in motion and data must be transmitted in real time. Team member coordination is taught to the highest level.

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