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We train & educate the world’s best unmanned systems engineers.
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The world’s authority on unmanned vehicle systems.

The First School in the World to Offer Degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering.

Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) is the first University in the world licensed to grant Doctorate and Masters Degrees in Unmanned (Air, Ground, Sea and Space) Systems Engineering and a Certificate in UAS Project Management as a totally online curriculum. The University’s primary focus area is on Unmanned Air, Ground, Sea and Space Systems education and training. Most of the faculty at the school have PhDs in engineering and combined experience of over 500 years. The schools UAV instructor pilots have combined experience of over 60,000 hours in Predator, Reaper, Global Hawk, Hermes, Heron, Aerostar and many small UAVs. UVU is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Centrally located on the NE corner of Central Ave & Washington St. close to many civic, cultural and sporting venues. Attractions and destinations within walking distance of UVU. US Airways Center, Chase Field, Phoenix Convention Center, Arizona Science Center, The Herberger Theatre, Symphony Hall, Phoenix City Hall, Arizona State University, Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix Municipal Court, Arizona Biomedical Collaborative and University of Arizona College of Medicine

MISSION: Our mission is to educate the future leaders who will develop the unmanned systems of the future. Our central focus is to apply the principles of systems engineering to make unmanned vehicles more reliable, safe and efficient. We believe it is essential to educate unmanned systems engineers though a multidisciplinary program containing aeronautical, electrical and mechanical engineering courses. Courses are primarily conducted using distance learning.

VISION: Become the world’s authority on unmanned systems

TEACHING METHOD: UVU is very different from most schools as we do not teach from a textbook. Most instructors have a PhD in engineering and 20-40 years of experience. Course content is developed from scratch and based on the instructor’s experience. The textbook serves as a reference and some reading assignments are made. Because most courses are taught at the application vs theoretical level, entrance requirements are high school algebra for the certificate program and college algebra for the graduate degree programs.



Semester 1: Jan 6 – Mar 30
Semester 2: Mar 31 – Jun 22
Semester 3: Jul 7 – Sep 28
Semester 4: Sept 29 – Dec 21



UAV Program Manager
UAV Project Manager
UAV Program Integration Manager
UAV Technical Project Manager
UAV Business Area Manager
Chief UAV Engineer
UAV Systems Engineer
UAV Engine Designer
UAV Chief Flight Test Engineer
UAV Programmer
UAV Analyst
UAV Business Owner
UAV Technical Writer
UAV Field Engineer
UAV Quality Assurance Manager
UAV Cost Accountant
UAV Logistics Manager
UAV Integration Technician
UAV Systems Test Analyst
UAS Aviation Data Monitor
UAV Pilot


Visit the application tab to download the student enrollment agreement. Fill in and email to admissions@uxvuniversity.com or fax to 602-532-7672


Students from T6 countries are not eligible. These countries are Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, and Syria


UVU is licensed by the State of Arizona Board of Education and has full authority to grant Doctorate Degrees and Masters Degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering and Degrees in Unmanned Systems Project Management. UVU is the only school in the world that offers these programs. To verify contact the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education at 602-542-5709.


UVU is not accredited.

Tuition Assistance:

The Workforce Investment Act offers tuition assistance through state governments. We are currently certified on the Eligible Training Provider list in Arizona, California and Utah. Nevada has a reciprcal agreement with Arizona. If you are unemployed and would like for your state to pay your tuition please contact us. More information is available on the tuition assistance page.

Transfer Credits:

Acceptance of transfer credits is determined by unmanned Vehicle University.

International Students:

International applicants whose primary language is not English must also achieve the minimum score requirement of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Test System) as required by the University. Students living in Africa, India and South America receive a discount. Please contact us for further details.


UVU has the best subject matter experts in the World. Most of the faculty at the school have PhDs in engineering and combined experience of over 500 years. The schools UAV instructor pilots have a combined experience of over 60,000 hours in Predator, Reaper, Global Hawk, Hermes, Heron, Aerostar and many small UAVs. Engineering fields of expertise include: robotics, unmanned vehicle design, sensors, autonomy, human factors and UAV flight test and communications.

Placement Assistance:

UVU offers placement assistance through Unmannedpower LLC, a company that specializes in unmanned systems jobs.

Government Contracts:

For government contracts use CAGE Code 70HU7 and DUNNS Number 078530089

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An unmanned system is not just a vehicle, it is a system composed of the air vehicle, communications, data links and control stations. Systems engineering applies to everything from a large unmanned system to computer hardware and software. It’s a big-picture view that considers every aspect of a project, from costs and environmental impact, to time lines and life expectancy of equipment. Because it encompasses many disciplines, it can help engineers from diverse fields better understand how to solve problems. This interdisciplinary degree program covers modeling, simulation, design, architecture, integration, and testing of complex unmanned systems and processes. It also supplies students with underlying theoretical knowledge and practical experience applicable to unmanned systems. An unmanned systems engineering degree will provide expert knowledge so that graduates can apply for employment in engineering, design, development, integration and test of unmanned air, ground and sea systems. Graduates from our online degree programs will have opportunities as systems engineers, engineering program managers and project managers.
Degree programs at UVU take a systems engineering approach. Candidates are exposed to aeronautical, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as systems engineering and project management. The systems engineering course includes preparation for the entry level International Council on Systems Engineering’s Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) certification examination. INCOSE certification formally recognizes an individual’s competency in the systems engineering process, and is widely acknowledged as a significant accomplishment by practitioners in the field.


UVU operates on four quarters per year. Tuition is $1600 per quarter.Call 602-759-7372 for more information
Unmanned systems engineers are critical to the positions of technical management and development of complex unmanned systems. These professionals are responsible for planning, coordinating, and budgeting group efforts that translate operational needs into technology requirements. They use their skills to determine whether a system will meet cost, schedule, and performance goals. Systems engineers perform a central role in realizing an unmanned systems success; they are in great demand by industry and government.

Refund Policy:

12 week course

% of weeks attempted Tuition refund amount
10% or less 90%
More than 10% and less than or equal to 20% 80%
More than 20% and less than or equal to 30% 70%
More than 30% and less than or equal to 40% 60%
More than 40% and less than or equal to 50% 50%
More than 50% No refund required
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    From horse carriage to car, from standalone PC to internet, drones will revolutionize the aviation industry. There are already successful commercial drone businesses all around the world. Drones are currently in an emerging commercialization phase and those that start businesses now could benefit by being the first. Interest is growing in hundreds of civil uses.

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  • Drone Flying

    UAV Pilot Training

    The UAV pilot training program consists of three phases. Phase 1 and 2 are conducted at home. Phase three is conducted at one of our flight schools. At the end of the program, students will receive the UAV Pilot Certificate that shows 10 hours of simulator, 16 hours of ground school and 24 hours of flight training for a total of 50 hours of training.

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  • Veterans

    UVU is approved by the Veterans Administration. You can use your GI bill to pay tuition to take any of our programs or courses including UAV Pilot Training.

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