I attended the UVU pilot training course during the summer of 2016. As my instructor, Gene provided in depth and thorough information about the UAVs we were operating along with critical insights regarding their automation features, control systems and commercial applications. Gene’s knowledge of imaging and sensor systems was inspiring on both a professional and academic level.
Justin Owens
My experience with Gene and UVU was greater than imagined. Gene is a very knowledgeable instructor and very detail oriented. His grasp of the UAV field is second to none and a great instructor to work with. He took the time needed to explain things in detail and gave clear guidance during my training. I feel Gene and UVU should be at the top of your list of instructors and schools for your UAV training, and believe you will be very pleased with your choice.
Christopher Walsh, iEnvision, LLC
Unmanned Vehicle University is one of the top institutions of higher education in the United States for UAS. The training SkySkopes received with UVU, especially through the guidance of their Chief Trainer Gene Payson, was absolutely exemplary. SkySkopes takes pride in our numerous UAV pilot certifications and UVU’s is one of our most cherished! We will definitely be sending more of our student pilots through the UVU program and have nothing but the highest praises to sing of UVU.
Matt Dunlevy, SkySkopes
As the owner of a small photography studio, I always have to be on the alert for the next big wave of change that can enhance my business. When I started to learn about drones I realized that they could become an important part of the creative services I offer my individual and corporate clients. Providing them with the ability to capture a moment or gather the visual information they need from the air makes me that much more important to them. When I found out about Unmanned Vehicle University, I knew I had to take the course — and I am glad I did. Before taking the course at UVU, the only thing I ever flew was a paper airplane. The course gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to expand my photography/video business in a whole new exciting direction aimed toward the future.
Joe Polillio (Productions Still & Motion Photography), UAV Pilot Training
The simulator was a good way to get an idea of how the controller (transmitter) works. I found the challenges with the 10 levels to be great skill builders. The levels made you put the multirotor in certain places (landing in certain areas/flying through certain obstacles) which at first was challenging but with a lot of practice became second nature.
I really could not have asked for anything more out of phase 3. Scott was very professional and really built Jon and my confidence with several multirotors. He showed us how to update software and firmware for Dji products and tons of features that the Phantom 2 Vision plus and S1000 are capable of. We both had a lot of flight time with multiple platforms. Jon and I walked away with a great deal of knowledge and confidence with flying the platforms that we will be using for work. Scott is a top notch instructor and I am very grateful that I was able to receive instruction from him.
Billy (Department of Defense), UAV Pilot Training
Hey, Dr. Lemieux, this is Travis Hesse from central California. Stephan told me to send you an email to let you know that my brother and I completed the three-day flight training program in San Diego. We actually did it last week and it was freaking awesome. We are now in the process of purchasing an aircraft. I will recommend you to anyone I come across who is interested in UAV pilot training. Thanks!!!
Travis Hesse, UAV Pilot Training
Dr. Bob, where else can one get a 12 week online course in Systems Engineering from the professionals who actually know the Science? Your course was great! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! This program was very real. You taught me new things and validated some things that I already knew. I so very much enjoyed it.
Peter Denucci, UAV Systems Engineering Online Course
A brand new industry has been percolating over the last decade or so and is expected to tickle the $100,000,000,000 (that’s a $100B) mark in the next 10 years. That industry is the worldwide business of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) design, manufacturing and operation. It is an industry that spans vehicles the size of a hummingbird to that of an airliner and it is an industry that has positions and openings for a broad spectrum of disciplines and experience levels. The UAV Fundamentals Course is a fascinating and detailed exploration of the many components and applications of these complex vehicles and their ever- expanding roles in the commercial sector and society. The instructor’s experience as an engineer and former fighter pilot allowed him to make many entertaining comparisons and examples of the UAV environment and how it is increasingly being accommodated into the world of aviation, research, farming and law enforcement – just to name a few. If you are just starting out on a career, looking for a new one, or are simply interested in learning more about this dynamic field – UVU is the place to get you off to a great start.
Brian Binnie, Commercial Astronaut, SpeceShipOne Test Pilot
The UAV Fundamentals Course (executive course) is essential for anyone wanting to learn about the basics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Dr. LeMieux provides outstanding information about all facets of UAV operation. There are lessons on UAV communications, ground stations, data links, platforms, design, operations, roles, etc. Dr. LeMieux does a great job of teaching in a fashion that non-technical people can understand but also provides great instruction to those somewhat familiar with UAVs and aircraft/airspace operations. In addition, Dr. L does a great job of keeping up with current events in the UAV community with regard to innovation and new technologies and infuses that knowledge into each course as he teaches the basics. I highly recommend this course, and any other course offered by the UVU, as the instructors are among the most experienced and educated professionals in the UAV community.
Mike Blades, The UAV fundamentals course
I found UVU’s course to be very informative and I enjoyed the in-depth and candid exchange of information provided by the instructor. I will try to pursue other learning opportunities with the university.
Brent W. Bitter, M.Sc., RPF, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
This UAV Fundamentals Course provides an eye-opening experience to anyone who wants to expand his or her knowledge in the wide field of UAV applications in the present and future environment. For those inexperienced in UAV technology, it will provides a fast track to the status and potentials of this interesting and exciting field, whereas for those already experienced with the UAV technology, they will certainly discover new applications and new methodologies applied in operations worldwide. I would certainly suggest this course as a learning tool for the staff and personnel of every institute, organization, and company that is directly or indirectly involved in the UAV industry.
Dr Dimitrios Gkritzapis, Chief of Police, Athens Greec
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems are full of subtlety, sophistication and complexity. Yet, drawing upon his vast experience as an engineer, fighter pilot and airline pilot, Dr LeMieux, President of Unmanned Vehicle University, explains in the UAV Fundamentals Course, the elementary components and operation of unmanned aircraft systems in non-mathematical terms. I strongly recommend this course to the aviation enthusiast who just wants to learn the basics of UAVs, as much as to the student of aeronautical engineering that seeks to make a swift transition from conventional aircraft to unmanned aircraft systems. I took this course recently and I was amazed at how much I learned about UAV components, communications & data links, sensors, ground control systems, civil airspace integration, sense and avoid systems, alternative propulsion, UAV swarming, and many other topics. Dr LeMieux is, without doubt, the most intellectually stimulating lecturer I have ever had.
Dr Pascual Marques, CEO, Marques Aviation
I found this course to be absolutely invaluable, if you want a good understanding of the UAV industry and UAV systems this is a must, Dr LeMieux is probably one of the best lecturers I have had and his knowledge, presentation and content is exceptional to say the least. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to pursue a career in this industry.
Rob Hannaford, UAV Business Owner
Amazing Course
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Chad Greene, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering Degree Student
You’re cutting edge. One day you will be recognized as a visionary.
Brian D’Italia
I originally took the DVD version of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Fundamentals Course, which got me “hooked.” So,in March, 2013, I enrolled in the one year UAS Project Management Program. I am now in my second course, which is Small UAV Design and Operation. Wow! I put together a Radian RTF with the help of the lab instructor, which was very cool! I have spent 20 years in military medical IM/IT before making this change. I am trying to get used to the online training, no brick and mortal type of learning, but getting the assignments done on my own time as long as I meet the deadline. I have read/listened to all the exciting news about this emerging career field, but for me, and for now, I am reliving my college days, sitting back to listen, learn and do my homework. Along the way, I hope to meet a trustworthy UAV pilot and partner with him/her to go into business someday as an investor and employee.
Alice Sheplar
This is a very cool model for graduate education. Tight niche, world-class experts, affordable classes, and global reach via the web.
Dave Goldburg, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Thanks so much for all the helpful information and career insight on this up and coming industry. Congratulations to you and your colleagues on the start of a truly groundbreaking educational institution.
Eric Bryant
For the past few days, I have been working as the Global Hawk SME on an FAA safety review panel regarding UAS ops in Class A/High E. Taking this class was very helpful in addressing some of the human factors/integration/accidents topics the FAA brought up and that I didn’t have a broad area of knowledge on before. So THANKS!
Bonnie Gagliardo, Global Hawk Pilot
The Course was captivating and very informative. It projected enough information in detail to be remembered easily due to the method of presentation. I am still processing it mentally by recall. The program was very good.
Olusina Akinsete, United Nations, New York
The Basic’s / Types & Roles was a good speed and the presentation was easy to understand and came out very clear.
General Jeffery Hauser, Indiana
Doctor Jerry, thank you for your dedication to UAV education. I took your class. After only one week of taking your class, I am working very hard, reading your lectures materials and notes, and listening to your seminars. There’s so much information about UAVs in your presentation — more than I never knew, even though I came from a UAV pioneer company. I hope that many members who are planning for the future will take time to learn about UAVs by taking courses from this unique University.
Chelsea Garen, UVU Student, San Diego
Thank you very much. I think that the lectures are excellent,
Absolutely brilliant!
Rob Hannaford, UAV Company CEO, South Africa
On UAV Pilot Training, preparation and information were Matt McCurdy’s greatest strengths. Matt came prepared and ready to teach no matter what conditions were presented. One day the winds were out of limits so he had a back up plan and instructed from a simulator. Overall, Matt is an outstanding and very knowledgeable instructor.
Aaron Sochor