Students hired before they graduate

Ed GreutertUnmanned Aircraft Systems Engineer, Alta Vista
UVU Education: Master’s degree in UAS Systems Engineering
Rob HannafordStarted UAV Business, Skycams, UAV Anti Poaching Biz
UVU Education: 1 course in Certificate in UAS Project Management
Chelsea GarenUnmanned Systems Engineer, CT Johinson & Associates
UVU Education: 6 courses in UAV Masters
Gary ValenciaGeneral Atomics interview for predator sensor operator
UVU Education: UAV Pilot Training, no prior flying experience
Steven MyersStarted UAV Business, Angel Eyes, Integration of UAV vehicle, sensor and communications
UVU Education: 1 course in UAV Masters
Peter DenucciHired by General Atomics
UVU Education: 3 courses in UAV Masters