The goal of this course is familiarization with small UAV construction through hands on experience. You have the option to purchase the kit above (see tuition page). The instructor will show you step by step how to construct this small UAV. The goal of the construction is not to simply put the vehicle together but to learn how to integrate a sensor payload into a small unmanned aircraft vehicle. Planning and processing for photogrammetry missions is also discussed. After viewing all materials you can take a short exam and we will mail you the professional certificate.

Small UAV Construction Videos

Lab 1 Introduction
Lab 2 Mission Planner
Lab 3 Aircraft Assembly
Lab 4 Autopilot Installation
Lab 5 Autopilot Configuration
Lab 6 Payloads
Lab 7 Photomapping
Lab 8 Hardware in the Loop Simulation
Lab 9 Autopilot Tuning
Lab 10 Flight Testing

Worldwide shipping included in cost. Total cost is $1500

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Mr. Stephen Rayleigh is a UAS operator with over 1,000 hours of experience operating the RQ-7B Shadow 200 UAS. Rayleigh entered the U.S. Army in 2006 and served overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning the Army Achievement Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster. W