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Professional Certificate in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Management

Obtain the training to manage the unmanned systems of the future. You will receive the hardware and software to go through a series of labs to build and test a small UAV. All of UVU's courses are taught online and we offer affordable tuition. Click the application process button to get started.
Application Process

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Management Professional Certificate

Prerequisite: High School Algebra

UAV301 UAS Fundamentals 4 Credits
SYS401 Introduction to Systems Engineering 4 Credits
CORE Sub-Total 8 Credits
FOCUS AREA (Choose TWO of the following)
UAV303 UAV Design & Construction 4 Credits
UAV305 UAV Aviation Management 4 Credits
UAV402 UAS Flight Test & Evaluation 4 Credits
UXV401 UAS Remote Sensing 4 Credits
FOCUS AREA Sub-Total 8 Credits

You will learn the theory of design and construct a small UAV using a series of labs. The titles of the labs are as follows:

  • UAS airframe assembly
  • Install external pilot controls, range test
  • Bench test and install motor and power system
  • Bench test and install autopilot and sensors
  • Familiarization with ground control station software
  • Setup and Hardware in the loop simulation, tune autopilot
  • Bench test, install video payload
  • Install, test autopilot telemetry modem
Sample unmanned aircraft software from UVU

Obtain the training to manage the unmanned systems of the future like the X-47 UCAS. Unmanned Aircraft systems engineers are critical to the positions of technical management and development of complex unmanned aircraft systems. These professionals are responsible for planning, coordinating, and budgeting group efforts that translate operational needs into technology requirements. They use their skills to determine whether a system will meet cost, schedule, and performance goals. Systems engineers perform a central role in realizing an unmanned systems success; they are in great demand by industry and government.Sample professional certificate Unmanned Vehicle University

The Certificate in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Management is for students who want to enter the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Career Field. A high school diploma or above and high school algebra is required for entry into this program. The curriculum is four courses (16 credits) taken over 12 week quarters and all courses are online. Students will use course management software to read lectures, technical papers, observe videos and receive assignments. The assignments will be papers, simulations, problem assignments and take home exams. The small UAV course will allow students to design and build their own UAV for possible use in a UAV business. UAV project management course includes cost estimation, market analysis, schedule development and technical performance evaluation. Students will perform trade studies, learn about preliminary and detailed UAV design, study component and subsystem test and integration. The project management course includes preparation for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI certification formally recognizes an individual’s competency in project management process and is widely acknowledged as a significant accomplishment by practitioners in the field. There are over 1,000 companies building the unmanned vehicle, parts and sensors and there will be thousands more in the next several years. Graduates will be able to start their own UAV business or enter the unmanned systems career field in the jobs listed below.

UVU’s Mission Statement

The mission of Unmanned Vehicle University is to provide quality distance educational offerings to educate the workforce, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs who will develop and use the unmanned systems of the future.

Targeted Jobs:

  • UAV Project Manager
  • UAV Analyst
  • UAV Business Owner
  • UAV Technical Writer
  • UAV Field Engineer
  • UAV Quality Assurance Manager
  • UAV Cost Accountant
  • UAV Logistics Manager
  • UAV Integration Technician
  • UAV Systems Test Analyst
  • UAS Aviation Data Monitor
UVU Unmanned aircraft systems job potential
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