Unmanned Vehicle University taught me the practical education I needed to enter the UAS industry. I was offered a great job with a large UAS manufacturer and operator while still actively persuing my MS degree in systems engineering with the university. The courses are online, the instructors are the most experienced that I have found anywhere, and I highly recommend them.
Peter DeNucci, MS SE UAS (candidate)
I am Greg Dillahunty and I am currently employed by Bell Helicopter. My one constant interest in life though has been aviation. I call it a hobby but my wife calls it an obsession. I have a Sport Pilot Certificate which allows me to get my flying fix when I have the urge, and I have taken airframe and power plant courses at the local college along with airport management courses and some courses in total quality management. I see the commercialization of UAS in the United States as equal in importance to aviation history as was the fighter pilots of World War I buying surplus training aircraft and introducing the public to flying and going from barnstorming, to mail delivery, to airlines in just a few decades. I think the impact of UAS in civil airspace will have a like impact on aviation history. My purpose in taking the courses at UVU is to be part of that history if I can. With the certificate in Unmanned Aircraft Project Management and my years of manufacturing and supply chain experience, I think I would be a great asset to a company making unmanned systems. I also see the money to be made selling the systems and services that go with unmanned vehicles and believe the courses could be applied as a sales person of such systems.
Greg Dillahunty, Student
My name is Hollen Day. I am 34 years old.and I live in Moses Lake, Washington. I currently work in the agricultural industry. I have been flying model RC helicopters and airplanes for about five years. As my girlfriend says, “my hobby has gone beyond a hobby.” I eat, sleep, and drink “drones”. I am trying to obtain the certificate in UAS Project Management to establish a career in aerial agriculture. I am interested in being a pilot and using sensors to help improve farmers’ crop yields.
Hollen Day, Student
I am Vince Donohue, the chief pilot for a corporate aviation department, with experience in the airlines as well as charter operations. I have also served in the Military as a Naval Flight Officer (Radar Operator and Aircraft Control Officer) on the Navy’s E-2C Hawkeye on board the USS Midway and USS Independence. Looking toward the future, I believe that unmanned aviation will grow exponentially over the next 20 years and will change our way of life as has the internet changed our lives over the last 20. I intend to use the knowledge that I gain at Unmanned Vehicle University in the implementation of UAS in Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Fire Fighting applications. The future is bright in the world of UAV technology and earning a Masters Degree at UVU is my first step into that world.
Vince Donohue, Student