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Our current students have been hired before they graduate by

  • General Atomics
  • Textron/AAI Corporation
  • BAE/Sensintel Inc
  • CT Johnson & Associatioes

We are partnered with Unmannedpower and they are helping our graduates find employment. Miami Aerial, LLC, a commercial aerial photography company, is seeking a freelance multi-copter pilot to operate our purpose-build aircraft at the direction of the camera operator/director of photography. Call 305-795-6123 or email info@miamiaerial.com

Find jobs in the following search job directories. Use UAV Engineer or UAV Pilot as the search term

Companies hiring unmanned engineers and pilots

Northrop Grumman is hiring unmanned engineers and pilotsBoeing is hiring unmanned engineers and pilotsLockheed Martin is hiring unmanned engineers and pilots