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There are hundreds of businesses starting up to manufacture and operate small unmanned aircraft vehicles. Civil applications include agriculture, law enforcement, firefighting, precision farming, pipeline inspection, aerial photography and many more. The FAA has stated that there will be over 10,000 commercial UAVs in the next 10 years. Gene Payson, President of Troy Built Models, a very successful small UAV manufacturing and training company, and third largest small UAV business in the USA, explains the requirements necessary to start a Small UAV business. After receiving our UAV Basic Flight Training, individuals can follow Gene’s checklist to start a successful UAV business which includes: small UAV markets, small UAV commercial applications, small UAV components, labor, flight consumables, test areas, communications service, maintenance subcontracts, flight training subcontracts, software licenses, advertising, insurance expenses and profit. The video is published on a DVD, in MPEG-4 format with an embedded University seal. The cost is $155

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From horse carriage to car, from standalone PC to internet, drones will revolutionize the aviation industry. There are already successful commercial drone businesses all around the world. Drones are currently in an emerging commercialization phase and those that start businesses now could benefit by being the first. Interest is growing in civil uses, including commercial photography, aerial mapping, crop monitoring, advertising, communications and broadcasting. Drones may increase efficiency, save money, enhance safety, and even save lives. There are hundreds of things a drone can do but this book focuses on 30 commercial applications that will generate an income for drone entrepreneurs. Applications are explained, sensors are recommended and workflows are discussed to show you how to crease a successful drone business. Appendix 7 200 Commercial UAV Applications, Appendix 9 Commercial UAV Sensor Manufacturing Companies, Appendix 10 Commercial UAV Manufacturing Companies, Appendix 11 Commercial UAV Component Companies, Appendix 12 Commercial UAV Services Companies, Appendix 14 Commercial UAV Insurance Companies. The book is 6″ x 9″ and has 15o pages. The cost is $48

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