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Introduction to Robotics


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UXV609 – Introduction to Robotics – 4 Credits

This course is part of the core curriculum for the masters and doctorate degree programs.

Instructor: Dr. Ala Khamis

This course introduces the basics of robot design, planning and control. Topics include linear control theory, coordinate transformations, kinematics, dynamics, nonlinear control, trajectory planning, force control, sensors and actuators, filtering, optimal control and adaptive control. During the course the students will: learn the math and computational methods necessary to model and solve kinematic problems involving robot manipulators and mobile robots, familiarize with the most common robot sensors and understand fundamental sensor processing algorithms and their engineering trade-offs, explore the computational challenges inherent in fundamental mobile robotic tasks (e.g. localization, mapping, motion planning), explore simple robot control systems integrating perception, planning, and action.

Prerequisites: College Algebra, Linear Algebra (vectors and matrices).
Programming skill in C/C++ highly desired but not required.

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