UAV Aerodynamics & Flight Stability



UAV801 – UAV Aerodynamics & Flight Stability – 6 Credits

This course is part of the core focus area curriculum for the masters and doctorate degree programs.

Instructor: Dr. Pascual Marques

This course addresses fundamental principles of aerodynamics and flight stability for applications in unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) design. It requires a basic knowledge of mathematics and numerical modeling and is intended as a first course that provides a sound foundation for more advanced courses in aerodynamics modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Topics include: Fundamental aerodynamics theory, thin-airfoil theory, lifting-line theory, finite wing theory, vortex-panel method, airfoils suitable for UAVs, airfoil geometry, surface velocity, pressure distribution, boundary layer thickness distribution, airfoil operation in off-design conditions, Influence of Reynolds number, high-lift configurations in UAVs, boundary layer stability, flow control, rotor blade aerodynamics, methodology of CFD, and UAV flight stability.

Prerequisites: College algebra course (100-level or higher)

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