UAS Conceptual Design



SYS702 – UAS Conceptual Design – 4 Credits

This course is part of the core curriculum for the doctorate degree and elective curriculum for the masters degree.

Instructor: Mr. John Minor

This course covers a complete set of topics involved in the conceptual design of unmanned aircraft systems. It investigates all elements of the design process, including architectural options and design drivers across diverse system classes. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end unmanned aircraft system and a deeper appreciation for the multidisciplinary nature of UAS design. New to this course with the second edition textbook are chapters on Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), Airships, and Unconventional Vehicles as well as Special Topics in Unmanned Aviation. Subject matter covers use of a multidisciplinary systems philosophy, Data-driven analysis, launch and recovery techniques, derivations of electric aircraft performance equations, methods for defining UAS products, integrating diverse payload types, airborne remote-sensing physics, sensor assembly design, and operational techniques, system-level mission systems’ effectiveness, full motion video imagery chain analysis, overview of ground control station types and functionality.

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