Introduction to Systems Engineering


SYS401 –¬†Introduction to Systems Engineering – 4 Credits

This course is part of the core focus area curriculum for the professional certificate program and covers the same material as SYS601 with a lower student workload/complexity of assignments.

Instructor: Mr. John Minor

This 12-week online distance learning course introduces fundamental principles of the systems engineering process and techniques. This course covers the same material as SYS 601, but at a lower level (vocational-technical) of understanding. It covers the role of system engineering in the system life cycle from pre-concept exploration through concept development, design, production, utilization, operations support, and retirement. It addresses technical and project processes with which the system engineer is involved, enabling and support process activities, and specialty engineering activities. Tailoring of the system engineering function to suit the scope and needs of the project will be discussed. Finally, the course reviews management processes and techniques with which system engineer will be involved as part of the program management activity.

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