Numerical Analysis



MAT701 – Numerical Analysis – 4 Credits

This course is part of the core curriculum for the masters and doctorate degree programs.

Instructor: Dr. Pascual Marques

This course will emphasize the development of numerical algorithms to provide solutions to common problems formulated in science and engineering. The primary objective of the course is to develop the basic understanding of the construction of numerical algorithms, and perhaps more importantly, the applicability and limits of appropriate use. The emphasis of the course will be the thorough study of numerical algorithms to understand (1) the guaranteed accuracy that various methods provides, (2) the efficiency and scalability for large scale systems and (3) issues of stability. Topics include the standard algorithms for numerical computation including root finding for nonlinear equations, interpolation and approximation of functions by simpler computational building blocks (i.e., polynomials and splines), numerical differentiation and divided differences, numerical quadrature and integration.

Prerequisites: College algebra course (100-level or higher)

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