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Masters Degree in Unmanned Systems Engineering

This specialized degree focuses on unmanned systems engineering and program/project management. The curriculum includes architecture, development, modeling & simulation, analysis, integration, as well as test and management of complex systems and processes. All of UVU's courses are taught online and we offer affordable tuition. Click the application process button to get started.
Application Process

Sample Masters Degree in Unmanned Systems Engineering Curriculum

Prerequisite: College Algebra

UAV601 UAS Fundamentals 4 Credits
SYS601 Introduction to Systems Engineering 4 Credits
MAT701 Numerical Analysis 4 Credits
UXV701 UAS Remote Sensing 4 Credits
SYS702 UAS Conceptual Design 4 Credits
CORE Sub-Total 20 Credits
FOCUS AREA (Choose TWO of the following)
UAV702 UAS Flight Test & Evaluation 6 Credits
UAV801 UAV Aerodynamics & Flight Stability 6 Credits
UXV803 Autonomous Unmanned Systems 6 Credits
FOCUS AREA Sub-Total 12 Credits
ELECTIVES (Choose TWO of the following)
MAT703 Linear Algebra 4 Credits
UAV604 UAV Laws & Regulations 4 Credits
UAV605 UAS Aviation Management 4 Credits
UAV809 UAV Propulsion Systems 4 Credits
UXV609 Introduction to Robotics 4 Credits
UXV805 Human Robot Interaction 4 Credits
ELECTIVES Sub-Total 8 Credits

Systems engineers perform a central role in realizing an unmanned systems success; they are in great demand by industry and government.

Systems engineering applies to everything from a large unmanned system to computer hardware and software. It’s a big-picture view that considers every aspect of a project, from costs and environmental impact, to time lines and life expectancy of equipment. Because it encompasses many disciplines, it can help engineers from diverse fields better understand how to solve problems. This interdisciplinary degree program covers modeling, simulation, design, architecture, integration, and testing of complex unmanned systems and processes. It also supplies students with the underlying theoretical knowledge and practical experience applicable to unmanned systems. An unmanned systems engineering degree will provide expert knowledge so that graduates can apply for employment in engineering, design, development, integration and test of unmanned air, ground and sea systems. Graduates from our online degree programs will have opportunities as chief engineers, researchers, systems engineers and engineering managers.

The systems engineering course of study includes preparation for the entry level International Council on Systems Engineering’s Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) certification examination. INCOSE certification formally recognizes an individual’s competency in the systems engineering process, and is widely acknowledged as a significant accomplishment by practitioners in the field.

Internships are available to enrolled students.

UVU’s Mission Statement

The mission of Unmanned Vehicle University is to provide quality distance educational offerings to educate the workforce, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs who will develop and use the unmanned systems of the future.

Targeted Jobs:

  • Director of Engineering
  • UAV Program Manager
  • UAV Project Manager
  • UAV Program Integration Manager
  • UAV Technical Project Manager
  • UAV Business Area Manager
  • Chief UAV Engineer
  • UAV Systems Engineer
  • UAV Engine Designer
  • UAV Flight Test Engineer
  • UAV Programmer
  • UAV Analyst
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