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Unmanned Aircraft Professional Association

The Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Professional Association (UAPA) International provides numerous services for start-up commercial UAV/Drone companies. We are hoping to recruit over 500,000 members which will make UAPA the largest aviation organization in the world. The pledges you make will provide you training courses to teach the basics of UA/Drones so you can either obtain employment or start your own UA/Drone business. This can be done reasonably today because costs continue to decrease. Joining UAPA will provide you with the business start-up advice, legal representation and insurance to make your business a success. There are already 1000 UA/Drone companies in the USA and many more around the world. The USA has waited many years for commercial UA/Drone operations. On July 26, 2013 the FAA announced UA/Drone commercialization on their website opening the door for tens of thousands of businesses to start-up.

You will receive the following benefits:

  • Training: Learn the theory and application from our academic courses or obtain UA/Drone pilot training. Purchase a course on DVD or participate in a live web conference.
  • Legal Representation: Obtain legal services from our partner law firms that specialize in UA/Drone operations, services and manufacturing.
  • Insurance: Select from a list of insurance services from our partner insurance firms that specialize in UA/Drone operations, services and manufacturing.
  • Business Counseling: A member can select a UA/drone application and ask for a business case analysis. UAPA will provide market analysis and recommendations.
  • Charter: UAPA is the first professional organization for Commercial Unmanned Aircraft (UA). UAPA provides UA business counseling, legal representation, insurance and education. Anyone can join.
UAPA Membership Certificate

One Giant Leap for Unmanned-Kind
A new revolutionary industry has just launched. For the first time in history, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved commercial unmanned aircraft (UA)/Drone operations. The Insitu Scan Eagle and Aerovironment PUMA have been approved for commercial operation.

Scan Eagle Endurance 24 hours, Wingspan 10 ft, Length 5ft, 20,000 ft, 48 knots, 44 lb, Launch catapult, Recovery sky hook, Optical/IR

This is a trillion dollar industry with a “T.” Thousands of companies are starting up to provide commercial services and manufacture commercial unmanned aircraft (UA)/drones. The time to start is now, while the opportunity is young. A list of business applications for commercial UA/drones is shown below. Start immediately by joining UAPA. Being the first will give you an edge over your competition.

The Scan Eagle has been approved for commercial operation.

PUMA Endurance 2 hours, Wingspan 9 ft, Length 4.5 ft, 45 knots, Hand launch, Recovery Deep stall land or water landing, EO/IR

Unmanned Aircraft Professional Association (UAPA), International is a one- stop shop for UA/Drone business owners. UAPA officers will be appointed for a two-year term. After that, elections will be held for two-year terms. This is an international association open to everyone worldwide.

Unmanned Aircraft Professional Association (UAPA), International is a professional association that provides services for commercial UA/drone operations, professional services and manufacturing.

The PUMA has been approved for commercial operation.

Sample business case

Agriculture Business Start-up: Crop farming in the USA makes an annual profit of $150 billion. One of the major expenses is chemical application. Chemicals consist of fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. If the amount of chemical usage can be reduced, farmers’ profits will increase. A UA/Drone can use specialized sensors to discover non-fertile areas, plant disease and weed infestations. Instead of applying chemicals to the entire farm, only apply chemicals to affected areas detected by a UA/Drone. A total of $26 billion is spent on fertilizer every year. If UA/Drone usage can save 30%, an increase of $8.7 billion in profits can be realized. A very cheap off the shelf vegetation stress camera (like the XNiteCannonSX230NDVI 12 megapixel with GPS) can easily be mounted on a UA/Drone to capture a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) image.